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Please incorporate the HTML Source Code, provided below, into your Web Site, and make certain that you replace __SITE__ID__ with *your* personal Site ID# ... there will be two occurrences of this. Then send an e-mail message to: BANA RingMaster so that he can review your site for the correct code, once the code has been verified, you will be moved from the Queue and officially added to the WebRing. E-Mail notification will be sent to you at that time. Please note that your Web Site will be automatically removed from the Queue after 14 days if the required HTML isn't found before then; if you still wish to become a member, a new Membership must be submitted. Should you have any questions, concerns, or just need some help, please send a note to WebRing Administration: BANA RingMaster.

Bass Anglers of North America {WebRing}

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<a href=""> <img src="" width=233 height=158 border=0 align="middle" alt="Bass Anglers of North America {WebRing}"></a> <br><br> <font size="2">
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