E-Commerce Sites
E-commerce Portfolio We offer the creation of small and medium size business E-Commerce solutions, whether you are a startup company or an existing retail store looking to begin selling on the Internet we can make your dreams come true. For a full featured Catalog and Shopping Cart system we are now installing the osCommerce software which is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database.
Message Boards
Message Board Portfolio We are well versed in the setup and configuration of the Invision Power Board, IkonBoard, phpBB, Cutecast, Discus, WWWBoard, AnyBoard and UltraBoard Message Boards. By adding a message board to your site you now move up to the interactive site level and it is a good way of building traffic for your site.
Chat Sites
Chat Site Portfolio We specialize in the configuration and modification of various Chat Site software, giving you a full featured Chat Site. Some of the programs that we have worked with include: ChatPro LE, Everychat 3.61, PHPChat, E_Chat 4.3, ChatPro 2.5, GaspChat Lite and GaspChat 1.3. Within this group of chat software there is a price to match any pocketbook.
Online Games
Online Games Although offering provocative parallels to chess, KAISSA ® is played with more pieces on a larger grid work providing greater latitude and strategic complexity. The 10 different playing pieces, totally 21 per side, in the Port Kar Industries copyrighted version. These games are written in PERL.
Interactive Web Sites
Interactive Web Sites Interactive sites have a habit of out drawing a flat HTML site, in some cases all that is added is a message board in others a number of features are added to make the site totally interactive. For those more complex sites we normally use phpWebSite or phpNuke to give you that total interactive site.
Other Web Sites
Other Web Sites Other Web Sites that have been designed by G.O.W.D. that do not fit into any other catagory.
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